Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry showed dedication to his craft and enormous discipline when preparing for the role of Damien Oliver. He shed 12 kilograms by giving up some of the things he loves – potato, rice, pasta, bread and beer. Admitting he’s not a ‘natural horseman’, Stephen still learnt to ride the thoroughbred racehorses.

Stephen says it was an honour to play Damien Oliver, one of Australia’s finest and most respected jockeys. “He’s been very kind, letting me follow him around on race day. I saw his meal – half a bottle of Gatorade and a handful of jelly babies. Jockeys diet even harder than I did! ”

It was impossible for Stephen to not become emotionally attached to the entire Oliver family. “It was a horrible moment in one family’s life. Playing a real person does add pressure. You want to get it right.”

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